Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Cleveland Browns Cut List - Linebackers


52 D'Qwell Jackson, LB

It can not be ignored that you led the NFL in tackles. You actually make play at or behind the line of scrimmage. Your size will never let you be a dominant #1 inside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. However, if you keep this level of play up I think you can be an effective #2. KEEP.

54 Andra Davis, LB

Unless the Browns are playing in a blizzard, monsoon, earthquake or other natural disaster you are too slow and unable to make any sort of tackle for less than a five yard gain. In a 3-4 defense you need an inside linebacker to be an impact playmaker. You are not. You always gave it your all every play you just aren’t very good. CUT!

55 Willie McGinest, LB

You have a very good 2008 but overall your three years here have been a waste. You were supposed to be the veteran influence that would help develop the linebacking core. They developed to the worst linebacking core in the NFL. CUT!

56 Antwan Peek, LB

You have the scariest mug shot of anyone on the Browns but you can not stay healthy to save your life. Either you have bad luck or are fragile. Either way that leaves you in one spot. CUT!

58 Beau Bell, LB
It has been said that many other organizations did not think very highly of you in last year’s draft. Hopefully you can use that as a chip on your shoulder. There is little to no linebacking talent on this roster so you are worth keeping around. KEEP.

94 Leon Williams, LB
Neon Leon you are not. After looking line a successor to Andra Davis in 2007 you devolved in 2008. You got significant playing time at the end of the year and made zero plays. None. I don’t recall you every doing anything of substance. CUT!

95 Kamerion Wimbley, LB
Where do I begin? What looked like a sophomore slump is now a horrific trend. You still have only one, count them one, pass rushing move. Try to run around the tackle on the outside. This is not a formula for success. If anything it shows how brilliant Benedict Ozzie was in fleecing Phil Savage out of Haloti Ngata. It a season of disappointments, you are one of the largest. CUT!

96 Alex Hall, LB
For a seventh round choice from a D-II college you did more that anyone could have expected. You tapered off at the end of the season which will happen. Get someone who can actually coach you up and we may have something. KEEP.

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