Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Cleveland Browns Cut List - RB & QB

Running Backs and Quarterbacks

3 Derek Anderson, QB

You had an incredible 2007 even though you tapered off. A smart GM would have traded you at your peak value. I expected you to fall off somewhat in 2008 but you crashed and burned. I still think you could be an effective QB but not in Cleveland. You were never going to be loved once Brady Quinn was drafted and those who cheered your injury should be embarrassed of themselves. I wish you well but it’s time to move on. CUT! Trade actually.

7 Bruce Gradkowski, QB

Your QB Rating for the year was 2.8. Do I need to say anything else you Pittspuke piece of crap? CUT!

10 Brady Quinn, QB

I think you can be the man. Will you be the savior like some think? I will believe it when I see it. But think entails being a leader. So when a big fat guy with a small penis is talking smack on you in the weight room you need to walk away and be the bigger man instead of pointing out he has a small penis. Also, no more wacky pictures. No more Village People gear at wedding. No more flexing with Brett Michaels of Poison. Subway commercials are cool. Pimping EAS on TV, cool. Got it? KEEP.

11 Ken Dorsey, QB

No one expected you to throw a pass this year so I can not hold you fully responsible for that. But after seeing you play at length there is no way that a roster spot can be wasted on you. Retire and get into coaching, you obviously have a future there. ESPN’s Bill Simmons delivered the infamous quote, “Good God, that’s Ken Dorsey’s music!” If you did have music it would be “Blaze of Glory” by Bon Jovi. Because the Browns season went down in one once you took over. CUT!

31 Jamal Lewis, RB

The tread on the tires is wearing down but you can still be effective. You may tippy-toe here and there but you still play hard, you still play hurt and you still play with passion and that counts for something. 10,000 career rushing yards, 1,000 yards in a season again and zero cocaine deals with in Cleveland. All numbers to be proud of. KEEP.

35 Jerome Harrison, RB

You made me a believer. You need 10-15 touches a game. Every time you touch the ball you are a threat to take it to the house. A competent coaching staff would have figured that out long ago. KEEP.

41 Charles Ali, FB
A second fullback is a luxury but you were just mauling people left and right when Vickers was injured. You are not, in any situation, allowed to touch the ball no matter what. KEEP.

47 Lawrence Vickers, FB
Once you were the bane of my existence when Maurice Carthon was around due to Fullback Option Passes and other tomfoolery. Now you are one of the most underrated fullbacks in the NFL and a relieving threat out of the backfield. You have swayed me my firend. KEEP

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flyte44 said...

Nice, but Brady IS quite the leader. Leader is a word that follows him around as much as 'gay', but the leader part is true.