Saturday, March 10, 2007

Don't Make a #2 With #3

Here is my stance on the NFL Draft and what the Browns should do at Pick #3.

The Browns still do not have as high of an overall talent level as most of the teams in the NFL, a sad but true fact. They need to do a good job of stockpiling young talent through the draft and pick up a key free agent here and there. In 2005, it was not a very deep draft (as obvious by taking Bryalon and not having anyone to trade down with) but they did get Braylon, Pool and Frye (and Cribbs as an undrafted FA). I think Pool could have a Sean Jones like breakout year this year if he's hungry enough (although I still think re-signing Russell is a good idea). I think they had a really good draft last year (at least potentially). Wimbley, Jackson, Williams (who I love) I think will really help this club plus I think Wilson, Sowells, Vickers and Hamilton have the tools to be good they just need to be refined. Perry and Smith were solid FA pick-ups. They need another year like this. They have so many holes I don't think it matters who they pick first at #3 (or if they trade down), they just need to make sure they pan out.

That being said, I am a big proponent that you need continuity (and talent) to build a line. You can't keep plugging in free agents and get continuity. You can here or there but you need continuity at 3-4 spots a year. Offensive line should be treated as a unit not individual positions. They overpaid for Steinbach, but you have to do that in a small market, plus they needed an established leader on the line. It will be interesting where they play him. I think Tucker is an above average RT when not insane. Fraley was a solid sign with LeCharles' future in doubt. We'll see how Sowells and Smith pan out. But I do like Joe Thomas but this draft is deep in OTs so if they don't pick him as long as they grab a quality guy in the 2nd or 3rd I am cool. San Diego got their starting OT in the 7th round last year.

Peterson intrigues me, because I think that he is the best young back to come out in some time. They Browns screwed up big time in taking Warren over Tomlinson in 2001 and we all know how that turned out. They need a running game which they haven't had but once since 1999. This will take pressure off whoever the QB is.

Quinn I am very unsure of. He has had bad games in big games but ND has a talent problem like the Browns. He worked in a pro-style offense and he is very analytical. Both good qualities. He's a tough read and the Browns have a bad history with QBs since Kosar. But the Bengals had a bad history of QBs since Ken Anderson until they hit on Carson Palmer. I am not tossing Frye or DA away but I am not anointing them either.

Whether they stay at 3, trade down, or whatever they need to pick up as much talent as they can. Like I said they have so many holes it's going to be a rough year regardless. I hate the following analogy but it holds true, sometimes the best picks are the ones that fall to you. Look at what happened with Roethlisberger and Leinart. Supposed to go high and fell to the low 10s and worked out great. Or even Tomlinson to SD. So we'll see who goes 1 & 2 and if anyone wants to jump up to #3 and see where it goes.

Just don't make a #2 with the third pick. And by #2 I mean you, Gerard Warren.

The 2007 Cleveland Browns Cut List

This started out as a joke between my pal Chinch and I in 2004.

In the honor of legendary pee wee football coach Homer J. Simpson we started doing an annual Browns "Cut List" where we ran through the entire roster and decided if we wanted so-and-so back next year or not. It kind of evolved into a ritual of guilty pleasure. Since then a bunch of friends have chimed in. It's mostly serious with a dash of wit and a pinch, just a pinch, of tomfoolery. Oh yes, and a ton of Dennis Northcutt (and formerly Quincy Morgan) bashing.

This originally was done on January 3, 2007 but I wanted to pop in online. So please note some of these guys are already gone or here to stay. Hope you enjoy!

No. Name Pos CUT?
3 Anderson, Derek QB Keep
You deserve a shot to start, but if nothing else you proved that you are a viable back-up.
4 Dawson, Phil K Keep
Bad year. Phil has trouble with consistency when he is seldom used. Like this year when we seldom had a chance to kick an extra point let alone a field goal.
6 Campbell, Lang QB Keep
I can’t cut you. I just can’t. #6 is the least worn number in Browns history and you got to dress in the last game. I mandate my friend Chinch’s second son to be named Lang Campbell.
9 Frye, Charlie QB Keep
You have competition let see how you react. We need a veteran to tutor you and DA.
11 Dorsey, Ken QB CUT!
They played Charlie Frye with a broken wrist instead on you. Read the writing on the wall. At least I got to see your two plays in person at the Bucs game.
15 Zastudil, Dave P Keep
You would be a Pro Bowler if you didn’t play for the Browns. Almost 30 punts inside the 20, insane! Gardocki who?
16 Cribbs, Joshua WR Keep
Sweet Jesus. Why don’t we use you in a “Slash” role. Amazing athlete. Needs more time on the field. Incredible on special teams. Watch him run down on a kick-off.
17 Edwards, Braylon WR Keep
Shut up. Nobody cares. If you like Michigan that much go play for the Lions. You haven’t shown anyone anything so until you do shut the F up. Grow up.
18 Mosley, Kendrick WR CUT!
You got to play in the game against Houston so you can be on the Browns all-time roster. Thanks for being on the practice squad for 2 years.
20 Brown, Ralph DB CUT!
How the hell have you been in the league for 7 years? 7 YEARS! Your nickname should be Quizno’s! Mmmmm… toasty!
21 Pool, Brodney DB Keep
You progressed very nicely. We known you aren’t a CB but you play well in the nickel and dime packages.
23 Barclay, Chris RB CUT!
Thanks for running the scout team after Jason Wright got injured.
24 Baxter, Gary DB Injured
Awful injury to a nice guy. Just never could stay on the field.
25 Hamilton, Justin DB Keep
You showed some promise and did well on special teams. Nice contributions from a 7th round pick.
26 Jones, Sean DB Keep
Most improved player on the entire team. Would have had 10 interceptions if he could catch. Get meaner and we might have to thank Butch Davis for you.
27 Russell, Brian DB Keep
I cut you last year and you responded. Wow. The Cleveland Clinic screwed you over with two staph infections. Surprise of the year, leader of the defense.
28 Bodden, Leigh DB Keep
You could be a stud if you could stay healthy. If you didn’t play for the Browns more people would know who you are.
29 Wright, Jason RB Keep
Good change of pace back. Not too small, great speed, good blocker. Solid performer.
31 Perry, Jereme DB Keep
Un-drafted FA who played well on special teams and looked OK in the nickel and dime. Earned a chance to come back. Kudos for taking Smokin’ Willie Green’s old #.
33 McCutcheon, Daylon DB Injured
I hope you come back. We need depth at CB.
34 Droughns, Reuben RB Keep
Wow. What happened? You hurt your shoulder and way downhill from there. You still serve a purpose but we need more of an athlete long term.
35 Harrison, Jerome RB Keep
Bulk up, learn to block and you could earn some PT.
36 Emanuel, Ben DB CUT!
We had 100 DBs go down this year and you were active for a single game. Sorry Ben. Bad name to have in Cleveland.
38 Fontenot, Therrian DB CUT!
You, too got to play in the Houston game as a reward, but to many other young DBs are better than you.
39 Holly, Daven DB Keep
Nice surprise. Could excel in a nickel role if Bodden and McCutcheon are healthy. Seems to make plays and good ones. The anti-Ralph Brown.
42 Smith, Terrelle FB Keep
I was a FB. I love FBs. But god you are so unathletic. You first game as a Brown you threw Ray Lewis over a pile and I was infatuated. It has worn off. A FB needs to be able to block but be an asset in the pass game not a hindrance. You won’t be back after you contract runs out next year.
47 Vickers, Lawrence FB Keep
I hate to say this, but Maurice Cathron’s man crush looked better than Terrelle Smith. Plays hard, blocks well and is athletic.
50 Smith, Rob OL Keep
Young OL who didn’t look too bad against Houston. We need more, young OL. And he’s a center we need about 8 of those.
51 Thompson, Chaun LB CUT!
This is a very tough cut for me. Chaun seems to make one play a game but we don’t seem to use him properly. Leon Williams will back up on the inside and they’ll continue to get some young OLBs to back up McGinest and Wimbley.
52 Stewart, Matt LB CUT!
After Jackson, Davis and Thompson all got injured they put Mason Unck in at LB instead of you. Very disappointing FA pick-up. I can’t justify you being on the team. I like you but this is business.
53 Unck, Mason LB Keep
Watch him cover a kick-off. He’s crazy. He’s Mormon. I’m waiting for him to rip someone’s facemask off.
54 Davis, Andra LB Keep
Chinch’s got it dead on. We need you meaner and more pissed off. Start driving runners back instead of dragging them down.
55 McGinest, Willie LB Keep
You’re getting old. Can’t practice all the time, but word is you were a very positive influence on a lot of the young defensive guys. Can’t say the same for the offense.
56 Speegle, Nick LB CUT!
Got a nice cameo for the last two games. Good special teamer but we have too many of those.
57 Bentley, LeCharles OL Injured
See you in 2008. We hope. Started the snowball affect of 2006. I hope the NFL let’s you wear #00 so we can put Clay Matthews number away.
58 Jackson, D'Qwell LB Keep
Solid rookie year. Add 20 pounds of muscle and go crazy and we may have a steal here.
59 Smith, Clifton LB CUT!
Another guy who got to play in the last game against Houston. Thanks for playing.
60 Coleman, Cosey OL CUT!
Not for lack of effort but just doesn’t get the job done.
61 Sowells, Isaac OL Keep
We need young OL. Of course we needed a G and we moved him to T. Brilliant!
62 Friedman, Lennie OL CUT!
I always laugh when I hear this name. I think of the scene in “Major League” when the construction workers are going over the Tribe’s roster after Spring Training. “Willie Hayes, Ricky Vaughn, Lennie Friedman… who the F@#$ are these guys?”
63 Andruzzi, Joe OL Keep
Past his prime. Perfect as a guy who can fill in and teach the younger OL about line play. Spot start and step in during an in game injury.
64 Pontbriand, Ryan LS Keep
Do you remember him having a bad snap? I don’t.
66 Fraley, Hank OL Keep
Solid C. Nothing better out there for 2007. Sign him up.
67 Matua, Fred OL Keep
Young OL. Never got to play. Let’s see what he’s got.
69 Parker, J'vonne DL CUT!
We cut you in training camp and then the Cowboys cut you. Now you’re back. Hey 69… CUT!
70 Dorsey, Nat OL CUT!
Looked awful after Kelly Butler went down. Just doesn’t seem to get it.
71 Butler, Kelly OL Keep
Solid yet not spectacular. Worth keeping around seeing if he develops. Solid back-up if not.
72 Tucker, Ryan OL Bob Hallen Exception
This is very weird. You probably have been the only solid OL we’ve had since 1999. Why did you have to go Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” on us? Weird.
74 Hoffman, Andrew OL CUT!
We drafted you as a DL, you couldn’t make it so we moved you to OL. Then you got hurt and do nothing. Next.
75 Fraser, Simon DL Keep
Solid performer that would fit well in a DL rotation. Not an every down guy.
77 Shaffer, Kevin OL CUT!
The Human Parking Cone has been returned to the department of Public Works. You almost single handedly got Derek Anderson killed… I thought Chirs Hovan killed him. But I got to see Ken Dorsey play. Thanks douche-bag!
78 Kelley, Ethan DL CUT!
Doesn’t do much when in there, injury prone.
80 Winslow, Kellen TE Keep
I think you grew up a bit. You shut your mouth. Just played and really want to win. Now stop talking in the huddle and cheap shoting LBs and we’ll be good to go.
81 Wilson, Travis WR Keep
You looked decent out there, why didn’t we see more of you?
82 Heiden, Steve TE Keep
The most solid performer for the Browns since 2001. Always shows up, plays hard, and doesn’t whine. #2 behind Winslow now but still comes through.
84 Jurevicius, Joe WR Keep
Solid guy. Great hands. Needs to be more of a presence in the huddle and locker room. Ideal veteran influence.
86 Northcutt, Dennis WR CUT!
This is almost a fun as cutting Quincy Morgan every year. You are a great PR but you can’t catch. And if you are hurt and can’t extend your arms then come out of the game don’t stay in. Worse than all of this word of the street is you were just as much of a malcontent in the locker room as Braylon. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass. You’re no Ice Cube McNeil!!!
87 Dinkins, Darnell TE Keep
Nice size, good blocker, sole #3 TE. Also, ugliest guy on the entire team.
90 McMillan, David LB Keep
Good special teamer. Great camp why no PT?
92 Washington, Ted DL CUT!
You looked so good in preseason even for preseason. But lord you didn’t do poop in the regular season. Biggest waste of space since Mike Junkin.
93 Harris, Orien DL Keep
Young DL. Worth keeping around to develop.
94 Williams, Leon LB Keep
You looked very good in the second half of the year. Big, strong, nasty and looks crazy. Might be a steal. Did we really draft you to replace Andra Davis, not back him up?
95 Wimbley, Kamerion LB Keep
Developed way faster than expected. One of the few good things about the season. Could be a force for years to come.
96 Oshinowo, Babatunde DL CUT!
Too small. Awesome name but unless you bulk up you are out of luck.
97 McKinley, Alvin DL CUT!
You make no plays and never have.
98 Eason, Nick DL Keep
Could fit in the DL rotation. Not a starter but gets decent pressure and play hard.
99 Roye, Orpheus DL Keep
Bad year after a monster 2005. Is it a bad year or did you get old. We’ll see in 2007.


What the hell am I doing here?!?
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