Sunday, January 13, 2008

Karma Will Getcha!

And that's all she wrote...

Goodnight Indianapolis, thanks for playing. You got what you deserve. Don't get me wrong, the Browns missed the playoffs because they screwed the pooch in Cincinnati. But the Colts did the Browns no favors in the Week 17 finale against the Titans when they sat most of their starters for most of the game. Finals score... Titans 16, Colts 10. The Browns needed a Titans loss to back into the playoffs. But it wasn't that item that Cleveland fans had issue with. It was the fact that the Colts seemed to be not trying to win the game. Throwing 5 yard outs on 3rd and 7. The same play calls over and over. Not burning timeouts to get the ball back. Not hustling down the field to try and make plays. There's nothing wrong with resting your starters when you have nothing to play for but to not try and win the game is a shame. (Insert Herm Edwards tirade here.) And the fact that Tony Dungy and Jeff Fisher seemed to be fluffing each others' teams in the postgame news conferences didn't help matters.

But it came full circle in the end. The Titans blew a first half lead in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs versus San Diego and the Colts looked rusty and made too many mistakes and fell to the Chargers today in the Divisonal Round. One and done for both teams invovled. Another sign that someone is watching over Cleveland these days.

Karma will always get you in the end...

Help us Tony Dungy, you're our only hope... that you don't retire... so we can see you in Cleveland Browns Studium in 2008.