Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Cleveland Browns Cut List - Practice Squad & Others

The Practice Squad

8 Mike Dragosavich, P

Your name sounds eerily familiar to the impeached governor of Illinois. Do you have a horrible toupee? Are you trying to sell Senate seats to the highest bidder? No? CUT!

9 Lance Leggett, WR

I hear you have very skinny legs. That does not bode well for you. Plus I have no idea if you can catch.

44 Jed Collins, TE

The Browns lost three tight ends for the season finale and the team chose to use a back-up offensive lineman as the third tight end. The writing is on the wall my friend. CUT!

60 Melila Purcell, DL

You were drafted two years ago and have spent every single moment on the practice squad. Riveting. CUT!

62 Dustin Fry, OL

You could be a distant relative of Charlie Frye. Plus you took Lennie Friedman’s number. Bad move, my friend, bad move. CUT!

69 Christian Mohr, DL

You are the NFL Europe international designee. Awesome. NFL Europe is now defunct. CUT!

74 Kurt Quarterman, OL

I prefer pong over quarters. CUT!

83 Steve Sanders, WR

Cleveland born and Cleveland bred. You caught every pass throw to you this year. It may have only been one pass, but on this team that deserves recognition. Plus you are named after a guy from Beverly Hills 90210. KEEP.

90 David Holloway, LB

We have the worst linebacking core in the league and you couldn’t make the active roster, jeez. CUT!

Who the F#$% are These Guys

13 Richard Bartel, QB

You got that Week 17 bump up to the active roster so you can appear on the Browns’ all-time roster. Kudos. But I know Lang Campbell. I’ve seen Lang Campbell. You sir, are no Lang Campbell. CUT!

23 Travis Daniels, CB

We traded a seventh round pick for you play seven games and five tackles. You got to start one game and were pulled after one play. You couldn’t beat out Terry Cousin. This is not fuzzy math. CUT!

28 Allen Patrick, RB

Could be worse, you could still be at Oklahoma losing BCS games. CUT!

42 Hamza Abdullah, S

Inactive every game is not a good thing my friend. With that name I am sure you get harassed, sadly, at the airport every time. Could be worse your name could be Uleeq M’Diq or M’Balz Ez-Hari. (Thanks to SNL for those beauties.) CUT!

51 Shantee Orr, LB

You got cut out of training camp and only Antwan Peek’s knee injury brought you back. CUT!

59 Titus Brown, LB

You actually played in a game and made a tackle. Impressive for a Browns’ linebacker. Not enough however. CUT!

69 Eric Young, OL

You spent the entire year on the Non-Football Injured Reserve. Enough said. CUT!

79 Scott Young, OL

You got activated for the last game, as a third tight end. And you got called for holding like 50 times. Brilliant. CUT!

85 John Madsen, TE

The Browns had three tight ends out and they activated a back-up lineman instead of you. Hey, how ‘bout that. CUT!

88 Brad Cieslak, TE

I should keep you just for the name. Brad Cieslak is a great TV or movie name. You should look into that. CUT!

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