Saturday, August 28, 2010

Browns Sloppy in Loss to Lions

Thoughts about the Browns after the 35-27 loss to the Lions in Pre-Season Week 3…

Jake Delhomme had a great day statistically (10-25, 152 yards, 1 TD) but did look a little “off” on a number of throws. Brian Robiskie, Josh Cribbs and Evan Moore all bailed him out with great catches on off target throws. That being said, Delhomme still has a presence that we haven’t seen in a long time in Cleveland. You have to LOVE on how fired up he was when he got face-masked and head-slammed Ndamukong Suh. He may struggle from time to time but the guy won’t let failure deter him.

Seneca Wallace was up and down making some really nice plays with this legs and arm but looking ragged at times as well. Running him out of the Pistol Formation is definitely intriguing. Keep in mind we still haven’t seen the “Flash” or “Cyclone” packages with he and Cribbs yet. If Delhomme falters, it’s Wallace to the rescue but it will be interesting how they incorporate him into the week to week game plans during the season.

Colt McCoy is not going to play this year. Period. If both Delhomme and Wallace both go down the Browns will grab a free agent, veteran QB. The kid looks overwhelmed at the pace of the game. I haven’t seen him throw down field effectively and when he doe it has not been pretty. The kid is going to make the team but shouldn’t see the field unless the Browns are up by 28.

I am a big Jerome Harrison honk, but this fumblitis the last two weeks is cause for concern. The guy is a warrior especially at that position and at his size but with Montario Hardesty getting healthy and Peyton Hillis shining in the pre-season Harrison better check himself or he will be seeing a lot less of the field than he wants.

Speaking of Hillis, seeing he and Vickers in the backfield makes me salivate. Two big backs., both wearing numbers in the forties, both who rather hit you then juke you. Old school. Love it.

Hard to believe but I am pining for the days of the Human Parking Cone Kevin Shaffer. My detest for John St. Clair as a player is well documented and Tony Pashos did nothing to impress me today either. Guy stunk when he was at Baltimore and, sadly, they are good judges of talent. Throw in that he can’t stay healthy in the last three years and it is a concern. Save us Pork Chop Womack, you’re our only hope! (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit typing that.)

The defense is getting more and more worrisome. Joe Haden and T. J. Ward do look like ball players but they are young and need time to develop. They will evolve over the year but it will take time. The front seven’s inability to generate pass rush will put even more pressure on the young ones.

No Shaun Rogers definitely hurts and other that Ahtyba Rubin no one else on the defensive line has looked impressive, although Brian Shaeffering did look solid today. The linebackers will be mixed and matched and I hope Eric Mangini and Rob Ryan are holding back a bunch of looks for the regular season. It will be interesting on who makes this squad after Thursday’s final pre-season game. The David Veikunes, Kaluka Maiavas and Jason Trusniks of the world need be worried.

Javid Best exposed the Browns lack of athleticism up front and they need to make that up with scheme and technique. The Lions are an up and coming offensive team but no where near the quality of offense that the Browns will face during the regular season. They need to step it up big time if they are going to be competitive on that side of the ball.

So it goes with the Browns. I come into camp worried about the offense and I leave peeing myself about the defense. Such is life. First cuts down to 75 on Tuesday, the Bears on the Thursday and final cuts to 53 Saturday. It will be interesting on how Tom Heckert shapes up this roster. Eric Mangini went through a lot of guys last year but no longer has control over the 53 man roster. Those in spots 45 an below must make a showing on Thursday as the starts will play little if at all.