Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Cleveland Browns Cut List - Offensive Line

Offensive Linemen

61 Isaac Sowells, T/G

We need young offensive linemen but you’ve only see action on offense in one game in three years. Time to see what you are made of. KEEP.

62 Lennie Friedman, G/C

Let’s get it out of the way… I always laugh when I hear this name. I think of the scene in “Major League” when the construction workers are going over the Tribe’s roster after Spring Training. “Willie Hayes, Ricky Vaughn, Lennie Friedman… who the F@#$ are these guys?” You also are in the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame which is outstanding. But I hear that LeBron-ukkah is sweeping the nation and that does not bode well. In all seriousness, you missed all year with a neck injury and I hope you experience no ill effects from it but it’s time for a youth movement on the offensive line. Mazel tov, my good man. CUT!

65 Eric Steinbach, G

You played injured most of the year and it showed. I think that impacted Joe Thomas’ play as well. We need you at 100% next season. KEEP.

66 Hank Fraley, C

Your play definitely decline this season. How many times were the Browns vulnerable to the blitz up the middle? Way too much. We need a solid year out of you next season while we groom a successor. KEEP.

68 Seth McKinney, G/C

I normally love a fat, red haired guy since they are few and far between but your play didn’t inspire me. Last year we were better off with Ryan Tucker and this year you couldn’t beat out Rex Hadnot. CUT!

70 Rex Hadnot, G

You are a road grader and I don’t mean that in a good way. You lack the athleticism a guard needs and combined with Kevin Shaffer you create a polar opposite right side of the line to the left side. Shaffer’s play also suffered with you in there and that has to say something. You weren’t awful but just weren’t good either. CUT!

72 Ryan Tucker, G/T

Two years ago you went off the deep end. Last year returned in the form of “The Tuckster” after a four game suspension for saying your prayers and taking your (illegal) vitamins. This year you started one game and the Browns rolled the defending champs. You are getting up there in age but you are valuable and make Kevin Shaffer look serviceable. KEEP.

73 Joe Thomas, T

You had a down year but you faced a much tougher list of opposing defenses. I will chalk it up to an adjustment period. You still had enough respect from your peers to be voted to the Pro Bowl which counts for something. You will anchor the line for a decade or more. KEEP.

77 Kevin Shaffer, T

After 2006 I wrote, “The Human Parking Cone (HPC) has been returned to the department of Public Works. You almost single handedly got Derek Anderson killed… I thought Chris Hovan killed him. But I got to see Ken Dorsey play. Thanks douche-bag!” Well after a stellar 2007 guess what? You DID single handedly get Derek Anderson killed. I DID to see Ken Dorsey play. Thanks douche-bag!” HPC you defied the oods last year but this year you came back to earth. You may look like The Warlord from the Powers of Pain tag team back in the 1980s WWE but that is not enough. It time we H-P-C ya. CUT!

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