Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Cleveland Browns Cut List - Defensive Backs

Defensive Backs

20 Mike Adams, S

Nothing you did stands out, good or bad. When the starting safeties went down with injury you fill in and weren’t exploited. That counts for something. KEEP.

21 Brodney Pool, S

I have never thought very highly of you but you had a better year that I expected. Word on the street is that you many be better suited for strong safety which is curious. If that is the case then you need to have much more of an impact in both phases of the game. KEEP.

22 Brandon McDonald, CB

You got exploited this year that’s for sure. But you stood up and took accountability for your play, something that many other players on the team did not do. I still think you can be an effective player but your size may make you better suited for the slot receiver. KEEP.

24 Eric Wright, CB

I think you could be a corner piece for the defense for years but I do have an issue. How many times are you going to all a fade or corner route against you and not look for the ball? Ten? Twenty? Eleventy million? Sweet lord, when the receiver looks for the ball turn you damn head around! KEEP.

25 Terry Cousin, CB

How the hell have you been in the league this long? You are horrible! No wonder our defensive backs regressed if you were supposed to be the “veteran influence” for them. I thought Ralph Brown was bad but he was picked up off the scrap heap but you take the cake. Every opposing offensive game plan had this in it: Throw to whoever Terry Cousin is covering on third down. CUT!

26 Sean Jones, S

I thought you could become an Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu type force at strong safety: a hard-hitting, intimidating ball hawk that flew around the field and led the defense. You make a play from time to time but not enough to even sniff those players’ level. My memory of the season about you is the Browns’ being 0-3 and you having elective knee surgery to clean it out rather than sit out a couple weeks with a bye week coming up. Then you told the media you were doing it because it was your contract year and you were going to be a free agent. That told me all I needed to know. CUT!

39 Daven Holly, CB

I never would have thought that your loss would have had such an impact. But it resulted in moving B-Mac out of the slot and signing Terry Cousin. You also seem to be a ball magnet, grabbing 4-5 picks a year and a few fumbles. I hope you are 100% coming training camp. KEEP.

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