Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Cleveland Browns Cut List - Receivers & Tight Ends

Wide Receivers

12 Syndric Steptoe, WR

You are just too small to be an effective every down or third receiver. You are incapable of blocking down field because of your size and it impacts the game negatively. You are a great return man but with Josh Cribbs here you will be forever blocked behind him. We need an actual third receiver who is capable to do it all. CUT!

17 Braylon Edwards, WR

Everything is in your brain. No one thinks anything less of you because you are from Meatchicken. Grow up. You have been pampered and coddled and I honestly think your head can not process this and does not have any idea on how to react. If you can get you brain sorted out you have a chance to be one of the greatest receivers in the franchise’s history, if you want to. We need your deep threat to open up the running game and make this a potent offense. Get you head out of you ass and man up. You are better that this. KEEP.

18 Donte Stallworth, WR

I have seen Kevin Johnson. I have seen Quincy Morgan. I have seen Dennis Northcutt. I have seen Andre Davis. I have seen Travis Wilson. You by far take the cake. You may be a worse free agent signing that Andre Rison. You are everything that is wrong with this franchise. You are soft, babied and put yourself before the team. You show no heart or soul in your play on the field. When it is time to lay it on the line you fold like a house of cards. If you are on this roster next season it would be a disgrace. CUT!

80 Kellen Winslow, TE

I love your heart and dedication on the field. The fact you play through pain on a daily basis is admirable. But I think the veil has been lifted on your true being. Yes, the staph infection cover-up was not you fault and put you in a bad position but the way you handled it was just as poor as Phil Savage. Despite your hard play and effort on the field I think that you only do it to benefit yourself off the field. You know your time is limited because of all your ailments and I think your first priority is to capitalize monetarily on that. The team comes second. I think it is time to move on and you need to be traded. CUT!

82 Steve Heiden, TE

If you removed Phil Dawson, you are the best player the Browns have had since their reincarnation in 1999. Your knee needs to heal quickly I think you will need to fill in for Winslow in 2009, and not because he is injured. KEEP.

84 Joe Jurevicius, WR

Seven surgeries on the same knee in under a calendar year is not good. I just hope you are able to make it through life without any effects from it. If you can make it back onto the football field it is a bonus. KEEP.

86 Martin Rucker, TE

Most NFL scouting departments don’t think very highly of you. The Browns don’t know what they have in you because the lame duck coaching staff would not play you. I hope this gives you a giant chip on your shoulder. KEEP.

87 Darnell Dinkins, TE

You still are the ugliest mo-fo on the entire team but that is not enough this year. I am tired of seeing your countless penalties on special teams and you dropping of passes over the middle. CUT!

89 Paul Hubbard, WR

You have the size to play in the NFL but could not get activated for a single game. I will attribute it to coaching ineptitude and not you being the second coming of Travis Wilson. KEEP.

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