Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Let me count the wins...

OK so the NFL schedule was released today.

So here is my first guess on what the Browns will do in 2007...

September 9 - Pittsburgh - What did I just write? Make it 21 out of 24. - LOSS

September 16 - Cincinnati - Mike Brown still hates the Browns for firing his father, seriously, like wishes death to the whole City of Cleveland hate. - LOSS

September 23 - Oakland - One of the few teams in worse disarray that the Browns plus the Browns have won 5 of the last 6, can't say that about most teams they play. - WIN

September 30 - Baltimore - The only team in the AFC North the Browns match up well against, but the Browns haven't won 2 in a row in almost 3 years. - LOSS

October 7 New England - The Browns used to own this series but have lost 5 of 6. Plus the Pats are a little peeved they blew the AFC Championship Game. - LOSS

October 14 - Miami - The Browns shut out the Fins in '05 but lost the previous 6. They are always good for one WTF win. - WIN

October 28 - St. Louis - Too much talent on the Rams. - LOSS

November 4 - Seattle - The Browns have never fared well against the Seahawks and the games are never close. - LOSS

November 11 - Pittsburgh - Day before my birthday? Irrelevant, make it 22 of 25. - LOSS

November 18 - Baltimore - The late season "turn the corner" tease. - WIN

November 25 - Houston - Mark it down, the Browns will win 2 in a row this year, seriously. Another team worse off than the orange and brown. - WIN

December 2 - Arizona - Arizona in December? Yeah right. - LOSS

December 9 - New York Jets - Revenge for the Phantom Force Out! - LOSS

December 16 - Buffalo - Again a team in worse shape that the Browns. - WIN

December 23 - Cincinnati
- Can you really expect 2 division wins in a season? No. - LOSS

December 30 - San Francisco - An up and coming team possibly fighting for a playoff spot? - LOSS

That would be 5 - 11 folks! A dramatic improvement over 4 - 12. This is off the top my head before the draft, before pre-season and before injuries but while the Browns talent gap is closing on the rest of the NFL it still way to wide.

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