Sunday, February 3, 2008

2008 - Browns Cut List - Offensive Backs

#3 Derek Anderson - QB - 3rd Year
A lot of people want to blame you for missing the playoffs because of the Cincinnati game. When it comes down to it, the Browns should have won at least one more game and had the opportunity to do so more than a few times. You're only a year older than Quinn and when you look at the year you had it is amazing. You almost broke Brian Sipe team record for yardage and TD passes and led the team to a 10-5 record as a starter. After the opening day debacle, you took the opportunity presented to you and ran with it. You deserve a shot to repeat that performance and see if you were a one year wonder or if you've really broken out into stardom. That being said you were tied for the second most interceptions in the NFL and were god awful on the road. You need to become more consistent and develop a little more touch. But it shouldn't diminish what you accomplished in 2007 and people shouldn't be trying to run you out of town. Make DA mean Definitely Awesome more often than Dumb Ass and you'll be fine. But watch your back and you have someone who may be just as capable and hungry as you are.

#10 Brady Quinn - QB - Rookie
I like the fact that for some reason the entire football universe hates and/or doubts you. I like the fact that Browns haters like to take pictures that were taking of you at wedding and/or parties and degrade you when you're just being a normal guy at a party. I like the fact that you just let that stuff roll of you back and shrug it off. I like the fact that you handled your rookie season by saying and doing all the right things when some people were calling for you before you even got into camp. I like even better the vibe and aura that seemed to overtake the stadium when you entered the San Fran game. Let's see what you have after another training camp and pre-season. You will eventually be the man here. It may not be next year but it will be soon. And I have a feeling you will be ready and able.

#11 Ken Dorsey - QB - 5th Year
Browns averaged 7 points in the games you weren't with the team and were gangbusters once you arrived. Who knew you were this valuable. And you were the highest paid QB on the team in 2007! But seriously, if Trent Dilfer didn't have an attitude problem he'd be doing what you are right now. Kudos for knowing your role, helping out DA and the Golden Boy, and being an all around good influence on the team. I have no doubt that you contributed greatly to the development of both.

#29 Jason Wright - RB - 3rd Year
You are going to be a doctor after you retire but you're a pretty damn good change of pace back. I love seeing you on screens and draws. You're not the biggest or fastest guy but man you hit the holes hard and run with authority. You're only worry is Harrison nipping at your heels. Keep it up from one Doc to another.

#31 Jamal Lewis - RB - 8th Year
I, like everybody else, was sour on your signing. A lot of wear and tear, lingering injuries and the checked past. You proved all the doubters wrong. You were a beast and got better as the year went on. Only the second back in Browns history to get 1,300 yards and you missed one game and played only one play in another. Two or three more years of you is just fine by me as long as the effort and passion are there just like this year. Don't get mad when the Browns evetually draft or sign a young guy to eventually take over for you because it's going to happen. And I know you're tired of hearing it but... keep your nose clean.

#35 Jerome Harrison - RB - 2nd Year
I see you and think of Darren Sproles of SD. You're so damn fast they should have a play or two designed for you each game just like Cribbs. If it wasn't for Cribbs you probably seeing more action on special teams. While J-Wright might be more of a prototypical back-up but you are definitely a weapon and need to be used. Dressing a second FB instead of you should never be an option. I expect to see a lot more of you in 2008.

#47 Lawrence Vickers - FB - 2nd Year
Alright, Stonehands, let's chat. K2 stopped you from dancing in the endzone in the Game 1 blowout. That, plus Maurice Carthon's inexplicable obsession with you, might have people calling for you head. But you got yourself straight and provided some great hardnosed blocking for the RBs and a lot of the experts say you are a Pro Bowler in the making. Don't let it go to your head. The automatic "Vickers Up The Middle" when it's 1 yard or less to go is frightening at times but at least there is now the Vickers Fake Play-Action Pass now. You're tough, athletic and play angry. Let's work on catching the football, with your hands, before you try to run and things should be OK. I know you don't get a lot of passes but you shouldn't poop a chicken when one comes you way. You may be the most improved player, other than DA, on the team.

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