Monday, February 4, 2008

2008 - Browns Cut List - Receivers & Tight Ends

#17 Braylon Edwards - WR - 3rd Year
Good job. You grew up, shut your mouth, said all the right things and let your play do the talking. Amazing how you broke almost every Browns single season receiving record by playing the game the right way, huh? Stop dropping the easy ones and jumping for every pass and you should be good to go. Two things... 1. Now that you are a "model citizen" lets stay that way. 2. Now that you've shown you can put up these kinds of numbers I expect close to them every year.

#80 Kellen Winslow - TE - 4th Year
I can only imagine what you are capable of if you were 100% healthy. Even when an opposing defense schemes to take you out of the game plan it opens up everyone else. You should have been voted in the Pro Bowl from Day 1 but people are always going to hold your "Soldier" rant and the motorcycle incident against you. Take it personal. Just keep going out there game after game and prove your critics wrong. You, too, also shut the hell up and just played the game. You don't need to ask for the ball. It got you over 80 catches and over 1,100 yards. The QB knows you deserve it when you are open. Also, see #1 and #2 under Mr. Edwards' write up.

#82 Steve Heiden - TE - 9th Year
I've said it before and I'll say it again. If it wasn't for Phil Dawson, you would be the best player the Browns have had since their reincarnation. It can not be underestimated how well you filled in for Kellen Winslow in 2004 and 2005. Your catches dropped to a third of what they were in 2006 and we never heard a word about it. You came in as the blocking tight end a lot to let K2 take pressure off his knees and take advantage as a slot receiver. You block well, play hard, play special teams and are the consummate professional. You have salvaged #82 after Benedict Ozzie left with You Know Who.

#84 Joe Jurevicius - WR - 10th Year
Other than the dropsies that seemed to develop at the end of the year, you are the prototype #2 and possession receiver. Doing nothing for the Caucasian sterotype, I might add. I think you rubbed off a pit on Braylon and K2 so kudos to you. You say '08 may be your last year, if so, why not go out with a bang. It's always good to come home to Cleveland.

#86 Tim Carter - WR - 6th Year
We traded you for Reuben Droughns and he got a Super Bowl ring. I'm not sure what you got. Hmmm. Let's do the math. Played in 16 games. Check. Had 8 catches. Check. Of the 8 catches, 3 of them came during garbage time versus New England. Check. So... in the other 15 games you had 5 total catches. Check. That is one catch every 3 games. Check. I know K2 plays in the slot a lot and Cribbs rotates in but still... YOU'RE THE THIRD RECEIVER.
DA PASSED FOR ALMOST 4,000 YARDS AND YOU ONLY CAUGHT 8 PASSES. To quote Gilbert Gottfried, "This is not good." Plus you tended to scissor-hands a lot of passes which is also not good. Listen you wear number 86 and considering who wore it last year, that is a dangerous proposition. Ask Syndric Steptoe. It's not your fault. It's the Curse of Brian Brennan. Look it up. In 1992, Bill Belichick released fan favorite Brian Brennan before the off-season program even started and didn't even tell GM Ernie Accorsi. Brennan was stunned and went on to play for the Chargers but his heart always remained in Cleveland. Since then the #86, and every player who has worn it, has been cursed. You played hard and tried but it just didn't work out.

#87 Darnell Dinkins - TE - 6th Year
You were born, raised and grew up in Pittsburgh. You were a fan of the Steelers. You went to Pitt. Normally I would cut you but you are a physical specimen and you seem to play hard just stop holding on special teams. Also, you have won the "Ugliest Guy on the Team" for the second straight year. Congrats.

Feels like I am forgetting something... OH YEAH!

#81 Travis Wilson - WR - 2nd Year
May the Lord have mercy on your soul. Somehow, as the 4th receiver on the team you managed to be deactivated for EVERY SINGLE GAME this year. This is not uncommon for a back-up or third quarterback, back-up offensive lineman or extra specialist. But it's EMBARRASSING for the 4th wide receiver. You couldn't even beat out Tim Carter for the 3rd wide receiver and I just documented his lack of receiving prowess a few paragraphs above. It doesn't matter that they use K2 in the slot, or Heiden as an extra blocker and pass catcher or that Cribbs comes in for specialty plays, the coaching staff decided there was no advantage, whatsoever, to activating you for any single game. You couldn't even get in on any special teams! Bobby Hamilton was here for one week and got to play! Charles Ali got to play in some games. Sweet Jesus, even Lennie Friedman returned a kickoff! They signed guys for a couple weeks at the end of the year to play special teams instead of letting you! You professed yourself to be the best palyer in the 2006 Draft and proceeded to hold out and produce 2 catches. This year you had a fair shot to beat out Carter and Cribbs for playing time and couldn't do it. Kevin "I humped Willie Green's Wife" Johnson, Dennis North-"You've Been"-Cutt, Quincy "Mumbles" Morgan and Andre "The Proper Spelling" Davis used to be called the 4 deuces because they were all 2nd round draft picks. I think they were the 4 deuces because the Browns pooped the bed and dropped a deuce with those 4 draft picks. Plus 81 was Mumbles' number and then Antonio Bryant's number and they just rub me the wrong way. I don't see you making a turn around like Braylon or K2 because you are NOT AS TALENTED AS THEM you jackass. Even though you are young I just get no positive vibes from you. Maybe you will prove me wrong but I have serious doubts. As the final act of the 2008 Cleveland Browns Cut List...

That's it. Thanks for reading! It's a good year when I don't want to cut many people off the team let alone more than half of them as in years past! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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