Thursday, April 5, 2007

Holy Bullpen Batman!!!

Well you can't give style points for that catch but at least he caught it! The much maligned Jason Michaels actually contributed with a tumbling (OK tripping actually) catch against the wall to preserve a 8-7 come from behind victory for the Erie Warriors. A 2 run shot by Grady capped the comeback and the bullpen (gasp) pitched 4, count them 4, scoreless innings. Joe Borowski made it interesting in the end but in the immoral words of Ebby Calvin "Nuke" LaLoosh... "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes... it rains." The Indians won and improved to 2-0 against their divisions rivals.

Dr. Poove's 3 Good / 3 Bad for the game
3 Good
1. Um, let's see... BULLPEN! - It's only 1 game but 4 scoreless innings seemed like a pipe dream in '06. Mastny, Fultz, Raffy, Roberto and Borowski all contributed despite Joe doing another Bob Wickman impersonation. It's only 2 games, let's hope it's not a tease.
2. A 1 run win - These have been scarce under the reign of Eric Wedge. Once again let's hope this sets a tone for the season.3. Andy Marte - I know Grady had the deciding HR but Marte's bomb started things off. He looked more comfortable at the plate and his defense was impeccable! Screw you , Aaron Boone!
3 Bad
1. Situational Hitting in the 8th & 9th Innings - Sweet lord, this should not have been a one run game. Eighth Inning. Bases loaded, no outs. Michaels, Peralta and Barfield strike out in succession. And they walked Casey Blake to do it! Holy poop! Then Casey pops out in the 9th with the bases loaded. Paging Dr. Garko...
2. Jake Westbrook - 5 IP, 7 H, 7 ER, 3 BB, 2 HR. Not a good way to start out a contract year. I hope the frigid weather contributed to the lack of movement on your stuff.
3. Casey Blake - Looking great in the field, awful at the plate. I still can't believe they intentionally walked you... and that it worked.

The Tribe goes for the sweep of the Sox and Jimmy Tinklepants Thursday.

Next up: Jeremy Sowers vs. Mark Buehrle Thursday at 2:05 PM EST.

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