Thursday, April 5, 2007

Dear Eric Wedge...

... it's probably not a good idea to pitch a 43 year old pitcher 3 games in a row in 30 FRICKIN' degree weather!!! Why not Mastny, Cabrera or Davis??? Seriously, WTF.

And memo to Jhonny Peralta. You need to be able to lay down a bunt. Seriously. That's part of your JOB.

Sowers has a very sub-par outing, Jason Michaels has a great game for once in a blue moon yet we're still in the game and the Tribe reverts into the 2006 ball club.

2 outta 3 ain't bad but it shoulda been a clean sweep.

No recap today, as I was driving from DC to C-Town in a blizzard and couldn't get the game over the radio. I did however manage to pick up the Cavs pooping the game away to the Heat tonight and fall from #2 to #5 in the Eastern Conference. Way to make a #2 while at #2, boys.

I will be volunteering to help snow blow The Jake for the game tomorrow.

Peace on Earth, we are the world, and kumbaya.

Dr. P

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