Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cleveland Indians Continue to Sink to New Lows

Make that six losses in a row. Swept by the Cincinnati Reds. Swept by the Chicago White Sox. 0-6 on the 6 game road trip. It's the same script it has been every game in 2008 for the Cleveland Indians.

Aaron Laffey pitched brilliantly for 7+ innings, only to be saddled with the loss because the bullpen couldn't keep the game tied. Tonight's culprit was Masa Kobayashi. After Laffey left a 1-1 game with a runner on first and no outs in the 8th, Kobayashi got the first two hitters he faced out.

But some laziness by Grady Sizemore on the second, deep, fly out allowed pinch-runner Brian Anderson advance to second. With the Tribe offense, those are the mistakes they can't afford. In burned them right away as the next two hitters followed with two-out singles to make it 3-1 White Sox after eight. You already know how the Indians hitters fared in the ninth.

If last night's 2 run, 7 hit performance gave you hope following the 1 run, 4 hit effort in the first game of the series then shame on you. The Indians put together a solid 1 run, 2 hit game with one of the hits a slow roller by Ben Francisco that hit the third base bag.

Grady Sizemore had the only "hit" of the night, a double off the left field wall. It followed two, one-out walks to tie the score at 1. Runners on second an third with one out is an automatic zero runs for the Tribe as it was the only threat they mounted the whole game.

The team continues to sink and sink fast. As June approaches, concern continues to increase over the defending AL Central Champions. It's the same in day in and day out. There is no way to sugarcoat it. It's bad baseball, very bad baseball.

And with Joe Borowski, Memorial Day Weekend and Grady Sizemore Gold Glove Bobblehead Day as the only signs of hope, it's not looking good for the Erie Warriors. Just when you think the only way to go is up, the Indians show you there are ways to sink even lower.

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