Saturday, March 10, 2007

Don't Make a #2 With #3

Here is my stance on the NFL Draft and what the Browns should do at Pick #3.

The Browns still do not have as high of an overall talent level as most of the teams in the NFL, a sad but true fact. They need to do a good job of stockpiling young talent through the draft and pick up a key free agent here and there. In 2005, it was not a very deep draft (as obvious by taking Bryalon and not having anyone to trade down with) but they did get Braylon, Pool and Frye (and Cribbs as an undrafted FA). I think Pool could have a Sean Jones like breakout year this year if he's hungry enough (although I still think re-signing Russell is a good idea). I think they had a really good draft last year (at least potentially). Wimbley, Jackson, Williams (who I love) I think will really help this club plus I think Wilson, Sowells, Vickers and Hamilton have the tools to be good they just need to be refined. Perry and Smith were solid FA pick-ups. They need another year like this. They have so many holes I don't think it matters who they pick first at #3 (or if they trade down), they just need to make sure they pan out.

That being said, I am a big proponent that you need continuity (and talent) to build a line. You can't keep plugging in free agents and get continuity. You can here or there but you need continuity at 3-4 spots a year. Offensive line should be treated as a unit not individual positions. They overpaid for Steinbach, but you have to do that in a small market, plus they needed an established leader on the line. It will be interesting where they play him. I think Tucker is an above average RT when not insane. Fraley was a solid sign with LeCharles' future in doubt. We'll see how Sowells and Smith pan out. But I do like Joe Thomas but this draft is deep in OTs so if they don't pick him as long as they grab a quality guy in the 2nd or 3rd I am cool. San Diego got their starting OT in the 7th round last year.

Peterson intrigues me, because I think that he is the best young back to come out in some time. They Browns screwed up big time in taking Warren over Tomlinson in 2001 and we all know how that turned out. They need a running game which they haven't had but once since 1999. This will take pressure off whoever the QB is.

Quinn I am very unsure of. He has had bad games in big games but ND has a talent problem like the Browns. He worked in a pro-style offense and he is very analytical. Both good qualities. He's a tough read and the Browns have a bad history with QBs since Kosar. But the Bengals had a bad history of QBs since Ken Anderson until they hit on Carson Palmer. I am not tossing Frye or DA away but I am not anointing them either.

Whether they stay at 3, trade down, or whatever they need to pick up as much talent as they can. Like I said they have so many holes it's going to be a rough year regardless. I hate the following analogy but it holds true, sometimes the best picks are the ones that fall to you. Look at what happened with Roethlisberger and Leinart. Supposed to go high and fell to the low 10s and worked out great. Or even Tomlinson to SD. So we'll see who goes 1 & 2 and if anyone wants to jump up to #3 and see where it goes.

Just don't make a #2 with the third pick. And by #2 I mean you, Gerard Warren.

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