Sunday, February 22, 2009

No Trade News is Good Trade News

The NBA Trading Deadline passed on Thursday without the Cavs making a move. While many are disappointed in GM Danny Ferry’s failure to make any sort of a trade with the rumored offers out there Ferry made the right move by standing pat.

While there will not be any new blood entering the equation the eminent return of Delonte West can provide the spark that a trade might have otherwise brought. West has missed the last 16 games and counting, including both losses to the Lakers, and was playing the best basketball of his career before injury.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas has also missed 16 games this season and is still being bothered by a sore ankle and foot at times. Reserve guard Tarence Kinsey was finally starting to get some quality minutes before he missed seven games with an ankle sprain.

Sasha Pavlovic is also out indefinitely with a sprained ankle and Daniel Gibson has had what can only be referred to as a horrible season and that is being kind. Ben Wallace’s touch football injury that may keep him out for a few games is the latest injury issue to befall the Cavs.

Despite all the injury issues the Cavs still sit at 42-11 with a 15 game lead in the Central Division over the Pistons. They are one half game behind the Celtics for the best record in the East and 2 ½ games in front of the Magic. While the Cavs are getting healthy the Celtics and Magic have been dealt injuries to Kevin Garnett and Jameer Nelson, respectively. The opportunity to seize the number one seed in the Eastern Conference play-offs has presented itself.

Yes, Wally Szczerbiak’s expiring contract was a big chip they had to play, but would the cost have been worth it?

If they would have shipped him off to Phoenix for Shaquille O’Neal it would have left them with a dearth of big men and short in the backcourt, especially with the aforementioned injuries. It also would have put them in a salary cap conundrum for the next two years with Anderson Varejao up for free agency after this season. LeBron James is eligible in 2010… in case you didn’t know that.

Everyone cried about not trading Szczerbiak for Marcus Camby, but the Clippers did not make him available. The same goes for the Suns’ Amare Stoudamire. He was taking off the trading block after Terry Porter was fired as head coach. Richard Jefferson may have been a nice fit, but Milwaukee already did the Cavs a huge favor by delivering Mo Williams on a silver platter in the off-season.

Szczerbiak may be a role player but his presence has been valuable especially with the injuries that occurred in the first half of the season. He may not be winning games for the Cavs on a nightly basis but he is contributing and the Cavs do benefit from his expiring contract after this season.

For what was being offered by other teams, Danny Ferry made the right move by standing pat and not taking a deal that would handcuff the team. It may not be the most popular or glamorous move but if the Cavs seize the opportunities laid of in front of them everyone will forget the lack of activity in February.

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