Thursday, December 11, 2008

Could Cassel End Up in Cleveland?

With both Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson currently on Injured Reserve for the west of the season the Cleveland Browns are currently knee deep in the Ken Dorsey Experience for the last four games of the season.

The only thing to look forward to in 2008 for the Browns on the quarterback front is an appearance by the Polish Hammer Bruce Gradkowski.

With Anderson’s performance in 2008 showing that he may have been a “one hit wonder” in 2007 and Quinn only having four NFL games and three NFL starts under his belt the Browns 2009 quarterback situation is as murky as ever.

Do they bring both Anderson and Quinn back for another open competition? Probably not since Browns fans celebrated Anderson’s season ending injury against the Indianapolis Colts. (Honestly people, calling for Ken Dorsey is NOT a good idea.)

Head Coach Romeo Crennel has declared Brady Quinn his starter for 2009. Um… one problem there, big guy, you aren’t going to be coaching the team in 2009. So it is probably not a good idea for The Mighty Quinn to celebrate your endorsement.

Does this mean that Quinn is incapable or handling starting NFL quarterback duties? No, absolutely not. There just isn’t enough game data to say that he is capable due to his injury.

But is there a scenario that Browns fans are overlooking despite it being a possibility? Could Matt Cassel end up captaining the Browns offensive ship in 2009?

Could it happen? Yes. What are the odds? Slim.

If the Browns were to pursue Cassel they should want to exploit the fact that he has flourished in the New England Patriots system. There are no guarantees that he would fit into the Browns’ current system. Besides, Crennel will not be back so odds are his coordinators may not be back as well.

Throw in the fact that current Browns GM Phil Savage may be on his way out as well and the stage could (key word could) be set for Cassel to be a target. Here’s how…

There have been rumors circulating that current Patriots GM Scott Pioli could be itching to bolt New England to get out from underneath the shadow of Pats’ Czar Bill Belichick. If this were to occur Pioli would undoubtedly want to bring in a head coach he was familiar with. Perhaps the Pats’ offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels?

McDaniels is one the young, up and coming coordinators in the league and in recent years those fitting that mold (Mike Tomlin, Sean Payton, John Harbaugh, etc.) have had success when teaming with an experienced GM such as Pioli.

If they were to team up in Cleveland you would have to think they would make a play for Cassel and they are as familiar with him as he is with them. He has shown that he can flourish in their system after Tom Brady was lost for the season.

Once again, could it happen? Yes. What are the odds? Slim.

But it is another scenario that could play out in an 2008-2009 off-season for the Cleveland Browns that should be much more interesting that their 2008 regular season.

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