Friday, April 25, 2008

Tribe Wins First Series Since Opening Weekend

Sweet Lord was that a long time coming. The Indians swept a double header in Kansas City on Thursday, completing a three game sweep of the Royals. It was the first series win for the Erie Warriors since taking two of three from the White Sox on Opening Weekend. I heard that on the broadcast after Game one and did a double take. The Tribe stands at 10-12, and somehow is only 2-and-a-half games out of first. We'll see where they stand after a four game set versus the Yankees at the PP.

So Fausto Carmona struggles, but Grady Sizemore goes 4-5 with a homer, a run, and two RBI. Victor Martinez goes 3-5 with a run, a RBI, and a two B, but the Tribe puts up a nine spot. And neither of them struck out... Brilliant! This is a simple formula boys. You two need to produce if this team is going anywhere. When you guys are dialed in, it's amazing how different this team is.

The three two-out RBI hits by Victor, Casey Blake, and Sizemore in the first and second innings just set the tone. In the third, the bottom of the order relaxed and padded the lead. I mean Jason Michaels had a two RBI single, and I was stunned. And then Casey Blake delivered another clutch RBI in the seventh. I thought maybe I was drunk, but it really did happen.

Maybe J-Mike is a little nervous because Ben Francisco is up with the ball club and has looked pretty good so far. I certainly know that Casey Blake is not nervous about Andy Marte being here. Unlike Francisco, Marte has done nothing while in the majors. Point being, Casey Blake does serve a purpose while J-Mike does not.

Asdrubal Cabrera ran into another stupid out at third base in the second, and Raffy Perez decided it was his turn to have a bad bullpen outing. There were not a lot of negatives in Game one.

The Doctor would like to thank Masa Kobayashi for closing the door on any possible KC comeback after Mr. Perez's generosity. The Doctor would also like to thank him for avoiding any appearances in certain movies that may or may not have been appeared in by previous Cleveland Indians’ Japanese relief pitchers. This fact is not overlooked by The Doctor.

Memo to the As-Man... Stop being mentally challenged on the base paths. I appreciate the hustle and the effort, but that does not forgive you from doing a Manny "Scum" Ramirez impersonation while running the bases. Keep it up, and there will be no "The As-Man Cometh!" sign from me at the PP in June. Don't disappoint my friend Rob.

What else can be said about Game two other than Cliff Lee, Cliff Lee, and Cliff Lee. Wow. I mean, WOW! Complete game shut-out with nine K, three hits, and only 29 batters faced. Wow.

My words can't do it justice. And just when you thought it was going to be wasted by the offense, David Dellucci goes deep in the seventh, and Travis Hafner wakes up with a double.
The As-Man gets a little piece of redemption with an RBI double for a 2-0 victory.

The Looch actually has me thinking that he could be an asset in a fourth outfielder role spelling Francisco and Franklin Gutierrez against certain pitchers. I can't believe I'm saying that, but I am. Maybe it's the sketchy beard. I don't know, but I think he can be useful. J-Mike, not so much.

Four game wrap-around set with the Yankees this weekend. Let's see how the Wig-Wamers do against some better competition and a National TV audience.

It's Tribe Time Now.


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