Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Myron Cope Passes Away

Longtime Pittsburgh Steelers color analyst, Myron Cope, passed away today in Mount Lebanon, PA. Known for inventing the dreaded "Terrible Towel", Cope announced on the Steelers radio broadcasts until 2004. He was 79.

Going to school in Pittsburgh from 1995-1999 when the Browns left and went on hiatus, I came to appreciate the passion and joy Cope brought to a rival fan base. Unlike Chris Berman or Dick Vitale, Cope's joy and over-the-top outbursts were never premeditated or phony. It was genuine enthusiasm for a team he grew up with and worshiped.

Where it was his Subway "Myron's Cope's 6 Inch Kielbasa" commercials or the WDVE "Siegfried and Yoi" parody sketch (on who could ever replace the Roy of Siegfried and Roy) he was more than willing to poke a little fun at himself and not just opposing teams.

When you first heard him your initial reaction was "What the hell?" but the more you heard him the more he grew on you. Phrases like "Mmmm herr ha!" and "Yoi!" always made me laugh and it was something to smile about in a relative "blank period" for a die hard Browns fan.

I can't do him justice as a Browns fan so I'll keep it short. Condolences to the entire Cope family, the Steelers and the NFL. Everyone lost a good man today and there are too few of them around in this day and age.

RIP Myron

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