Thursday, October 11, 2007

You sir, are an a$$hole...

Welcome back Joey Porter! Cleveland missed you. It's good to see you are still the classiest guy in football. Calling Kellen Winslow a wide receiver and not a tight end. You are a bad man. Guaranteeing that you will win the Joey Porter - Kellen Winslow battle. Guess what assclown, no one cares who wins the Joey Porter - Kellen Winslow battle except you. I don't even think K2 cares. HELLO! YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! You sir, are an asshole. You always were and you always will be. Whether in Black & Tinkle or Teal & White, it does not matter. Besides you have to go up against Joe Thomas this year not the HPC. He's on the right side now. Tables are turned... bitch. I shall refer to you as "Feces" from now on, "poop" is too nice.

OK, enough about Feces on to the game. The Browns should win by 2 touchdowns. OK I said it. The Browns should win by 2 touchdowns. The Dolphins are awful. God awful. Their offense has no skill players what-so-ever. Trent Green is out, and hopefully will retire, and the Dolphins are forced to start Cleo "Just call me Spurgeon Wynn" Lemon because second round draft choice John Beck in not ready yet. Number 1 choice Ted Ginn, Jr. has looked awful as an NFL receiver and I am sure Miami fans are still crying over the decision to select him over the Mighty Brady Quinn. Cleveland native Chris Chambers is an impact receiver but can Lemon get him the ball so he can make plays? RB Ronnie Brown has had a monster year yet but hasn't faced many quality defenses yet this year. And no, the Browns don't qualify as a quality defense.

On defense, the Fins still have Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Vonnie Holiday and the aforementioned Feces but they are all older and have lost a step. They only have 7 sacks as a team and Taylor has 3 of them. No one else has more than 1. Feces has zero. Zero. The secondary is not great and the lack of pressure up front leaves them exposed. This is not the Fins D of old who could carry their mediocre offense and win games. They can be exploited.

Why should the Browns win by 2 touchdowns? The Dolphins are not a better team than the Browns. In fact, the Browns are much more cohesive than the Dolphins, which is embarrassing for Miami. The Dolphins are a team that is in more disarray in the front office than the Browns. They They have less talent than the Browns. They drafted a punt returner with their #1 draft pick. They signed a veteran QB who was prone to concussions. They big against themselves signed Feces to a lucrative deal.

Cam Cameron is trying to implement the same offense he ran in San Diego that Chud is implementing in Cleveland and it has been a disaster because Miami does not have the personnel to run it, the Browns do. They don't have the game breakers like the Browns do and with Green out they don't have anyone capable of running the ship. The only way the Browns get gashed is if they do not account for Ronnie Brown who is nothing special. Force Cleo Lemon to make plays to Chambers. The Fins are going to force feed Ronnie Brown down our throats. If the Browns can't see that coming they don't deserve to win the game.

On O, the Browns are simply more athletic and explosive than the Dolphins D. If Jamal Lewis is out, that will hurt but Jason Wright might be able to scat his way to a few yards on the ground. The improved O line should be able to handle the Fins weakened pass rush and give DA some time to find Braylon, K2 and the gang. It boils down to DA as always. The Fins D is aging but they are a crafty, smart of veterans who will capitalize on mistakes.

Stop Ronnie Brown, force Cleo Lemon to beat you, minimize the mistakes and turnovers on offense and the Browns will win by 2 touchdowns. It just a question of whether or not they can do it.

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