Wednesday, August 1, 2007


This is just sickening. Paul Byrd doesn't have it tonight, which you get with him here and there, and gives up 3 in the first but the Indians battle back to go up 4-3. They do so by doing what got them off to a fast start... taking pitches and just trying to hit, not trying to kill the ball. Byrd gives up another run to tie it up at 4 but the Indians go up 6-4... by taking pitches and just trying to hit. Perez wiggles out of a bases loaded jamb but he and Betancourt combine to let the lead slip away an inning later. It's was going to happen eventually with these two. So be it.

But the offense reverts back to the putrid, strikeout, pop up, try and kill the ball mentality that we've been subject to for the past few weeks. That coupled with Jensen Lewis' 10th inning implosion including a text book "how not to field your position" documentary and the Tribe swallowed their 4th consecutive loss. The third consecutive day they had a chance to tie Detroit for the division lead and failed.

This team is good, but its complete (and utterly frustrating) inability to put teams away is excruciating to watch. I seldom get pissed watching a game, the Browns play since their return has numbed me to it, but WTF guys? Do you want to try and win this thing? You are playing a team that traded away 3 of its best players and has been shorthanded and you can;t do jack. My tempered optimism that has been around all year is beginning to waiver. I see no signs of hope from this team over the last few eeks.

Show me a sign guys, show me a sign...

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