Sunday, June 24, 2007

DC Disappointment

I actually paid money to watch this in person?!?

In what I can only describe as putrid, embarrassing, upsetting and stomach churning, the Indians managed to score 6 total runs and lose the final Interleague series of the year, 2-1, to the hapless Washington Nationals, a team who experts predicted at the beginning of the year could challenge for the MLB record for losses in a season. The Indians put up 1, 4 and 1 runs against the Nats powerful starting rotation of Micah Bowie, Matt Chico and Jason Simontacchi. This put the Indians at an even 9-9 in Interleague play when almost every other American League team put up a winning record.

On the bright side Grady Sizemore is Grady Sizemore and Victor Martinez is Victor Martinez. Fausto Carmona, Paul Byrd and Jake Westbrook all had average to above average outings especially when compared as to how they have fared recently. And the bullpen despite a few jambs actually pitched pretty well. But that is not saying much going up against a Nationals team who is dead last in nearly every offensive category and has used 9 different starting pitchers this year. Remember this is a Nats team who was just swept by the Tigers in 3 games by a combined margin of 32-13.

The worst thing is that the Tribe looked completely like a team that did not want to be in the Nation's Capital playing baseball. Aside for Sizemore and Josh Barfield it definitely looked as if the Indians thought they could just show up and the Nats would hand them 3 games. Despite their poor record, the Nats do come to play every night and Manager Manny Acta doesn't tolerate a lack of effort. Now I thought that was Uncle Eric's strength, motivation. He may need some work on this in game managing but I thought his M. O. was getting the most out of his players. If that's the case, the Cleveland Indians are in trouble. The Indians can lose and I can deal with it, but I was embarrassed at the way they played this weekend. With the Tigers peaking right now, the Tribe is in serious trouble if they can't get out of this funk they are in.

The return home for a seven game home stand against Oakland and Tampa Bay before headed to Detroit and Toronto to close out the first half of the season. Let's hope they can right the ship before the All-Star Break.

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