Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Two Browns FA Signings... and a smell eminating from Berea?

The Browns signed two veteran Free Agents today to add depth on the offensive side of the ball, FB Alan Ricard and TE Ryan Krause.

Ricard is familiar to Browns fans since he was the man who was the lead blocker for Jamal Lewis' 2,000 yard season in 2003. It should be no surprise since Browns Management loves to sign all of the Dirty Birds' cast-offs. This means that the Browns weren't ready to make the FB spot a full-time showing of "The Lawrence Vickers Experience" and, IMHO, competition is always a good thing. Whether or not they carry 2 FBs during the season is yet to be determined.

I find the Krause signing more interesting. Now he's a journeyman TE who played for San Diego the past 3 years and hence is familiar with new OC Chud Light. So, no surprise that the Browns signed a guy that somebody knew from somewhere else, but why all the activity with TEs? We just signed Steve Heiden (the most effective Browns player since their return in 1999) to a four year extension and have Darnell Dinkins under contract for another 2 years. Plus we have The Soldier Kellen Winslow... who had secretive major knee surgery (that was supposed to just be a scope) and has been wildly rumored to possibly be out for 2007. The Browns have vehemently denied it but they'd never lie about injuries. Just ask LeCharles Bentley... oh... wait...

Some thing's oozing from Berea... and whatever it is, it stinks.

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