Monday, March 26, 2007

Tribe Bullpen News

Rumblings and grumblings are making the rounds in Winter Haven that Matt Miller may start the season on the DL. Not good. We all know the bullpen was the biggest problem last year. Keith Foulke retired before even putting on a jersey. Rafael Betancourt, who was supposed to be one of the key set-up men, has looked awful in spring. Now Matt Miller's health is in question. Hopefully, some of the young guys can step up (Mastney, Lara, Perez, etc.) and the Indians can actually develop a relief pitcher (since we have an over-abundance of starters). Hopefully this is a minor speed bump, but with the Indians' history of slow April starts and the difficult AL Central ahead of them, it's not a good omen.

This brings me to another rant... Why can't the Indians bring up and play a young guy and let him develop? I mean they did it for half a year with Choo, Marte and Garko but now Choo will be int he minors, Garko is splitting time (maybe) and Marte seems to be a giant worry for management. I look at the Jason Bay's, Jeff Francouer's and Adam Wainwright's of baseball and say why don't we do this? No knock on Dellucci or Nixon but it just seems to work for everyone else.

Peace out.

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